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Ways to Use Interactive Notebooks in the Classroom

interactive notebooks in the classroom



People are always looking for ways to make it easier for students to participate in class. They look for ways that will make the students feel comfortable and able to express their thoughts and contribute ideas to lessons. Through interactive notebooks students can be creative and independent while contributing. They can do this without even having to speak up (which is usually the issue with shy students).

Of course learning to speak up in class is a skill they will all need to acquire throughout their education, but it is more painless at a gradient. The first gradient is using interactive notebooks! It is almost like taking notes but their notes are like their output. You assert your input in one page and they respond with their output on the other. This is a great tool to use for parents and teachers. Here are some ways you can use interactive notebook with different subjects.


  • History
    Sometimes learning history can feel dull and one-sided for students. They might feel like they can’t contribute. A way to help them feel like they can contribute is to have them transform the written concepts they learn into visuals in their interactive notebooks. For example, on one side write the process for a bill to be passed in the United States government (simply of course). They can make a diagram and draw out each step. This way they gain a greater understanding by having demonstrated it themselves, and they contribute! They can also make political cartoons, map out a war, etc.


  • Social Studies
    With social studies you can write a relevant social issue (one they are learning about) on one side and the student can make their own artwork that advocates for social change. Have them look at examples of this beforehand. They can also create a collage about a certain culture or try translating passages in other languages using whichever resources they prefer.


  • Science
    When learning science, kids usually get plenty of hands-on fun. Learning things like the scientific method, however, can seem boring and unnecessary. With interactive notebooks they can practice their documentation skills while still having fun! They can make graphs from information presented in experiments and come up with conclusions. Their notebooks can also be used to write their hypotheses before doing experiments.

    For younger students just being introduced to science, a simpler project can be done. While going outside and observing things, or even observing simple scientific principles, they can describe what they see in the their notebooks. It helps them practice the scientific method at a young age and gets them to contribute in a fun way.

Overall, interactive notebooks help students approach understanding in many ways. They also learn that taking notes is a useful skill, and not a chore. It can all be made fun while they are involved and thinking with what they learn. Call us today to find out more about how your child can get more involved in their studies!

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