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What Are The Barriers To Study (And How Do We Overcome Them)

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Here at Delphi Boston, we have a very unique curriculum that sets apart from the area’s other private schools. It’s based off Study Technology and addresses the common barriers to study often found in students’ educations. Acknowledging these barriers to study, and how to overcome them, lets us as educators better teach students so they can be successful throughout their entire academic career.

  • Lack of Mass
    When a student is having trouble understanding a concept, it’s often because they can’t conceptualize it. Placing the object right in front of them lets the student examine it from all angles in a way they can’t from a book. After all, it is very difficult to learn to drive just by reading the car manual. We call the tangible object “mass.”
  • The Student is Learning On Too Steep a Gradient
    Students often fall behind their peers when new concepts are introduced before they are proficient in the precursing ideas. Imagine attempting to solve an algebraic equation without learning fractions first. At Delphi Boston, we have a highly individualized program so each student learns at their own pace. Rather than moving through the course as a class, students must demonstrate competence and understanding before moving on. This way, they aren’t missing any steps later in their education.
  • The Misunderstood Word
    When you walk into a classroom at Delphi Boston, you’ll notice a surplus of dictionaries. This is because we’re overcoming the greatest barrier to study on a daily basis. The Misunderstood Word is any word that’s not fully understood or is left undefined. It has the power to shut down a student’s comprehension, and interest, in a subject when left untreated. At the foundation of everything we do is the understanding of that activity’s definitions. If a student skips this, then they aren’t building from a solid foundation and will surely encounter these gaps later.

Understanding exactly what are the barriers to study, and how to overcome them, gives us better insight into educating. It also can explain a student’s disinterest or frustration about certain subjects or topics. The next time your son or daughter complains about how boring biology is, for example, ask them why. It’s very likely they’ve encountered a barrier to study. For more information on the Delphi Program, contact us or schedule a campus tour.

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