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What to Do at the Beach with Your Kids this Summer

A day at the beach should be stress-free and fun for you and your family. Here are a few budget-friendly activities for you and your kids to do during a fun beach day in Boston this Summer. 

  1. Seaside Scrapbook. Have your kids collect objects they find on the beach
  2. Soccer, Volleyball, or Football! You can never go wrong with bringing sports to the beach. This is always a fun activity that rarely ever gets boring!
  3. The Classic Sandcastle. You can never go wrong with building sandcastles with your kids. It’s an excellent way for your kids to stay busy while at the beach, while also being able to get creative and use their imagination. If they’ve brought toys to the beach, they can play a game with them after the sandcastle is complete! This is one of our favorite, and classic, beach activities.
  4. Beach Relay. Ready, set, go! For this beach relay race, have your kids fill cups with water, then empty them into bigger buckets placed several feet away. The first one to fill their bucket to the top wins the race! Get creative and add other fun activities to the relays as well.
  5. Picnic on the Beach. Not only is this a great beach activity, but a pre-beach day activity as well. Have your kids plan out the beach-day meals. Go grocery shopping, maybe even try out a new Summertime recipe and then go enjoy it on the beach!
  6. Exploration Walk. Head down the beach with the whole family to explore all there is to see. Collect seashells and rocks, or find a tidepool to check out!
  7. Clean-up Beach Day. This is an excellent way to get your kids involved in taking ownership of your local beaches. It’s also a very rewarding process to go through with your whole family!
  8. Beach Read. Choose a few books to either read-aloud with your kids or have them read themself. This is a great way to pass the time while soaking up some Vitamin D!
  9. Disposable Photoshoot. Bring a waterproof disposable camera to the beach for your kids to take photos with. This is a great way for them to explore a new activity and get creative with a photoshoot. It’s also very exciting taking film to get developed and printed at your local Walgreens for photo books, your fridge or your kids bedroom decor!

Enjoy our list and tag us on Facebook if you end up taking one of these many day-trips around the Boston area. Here at Delphi Academy of Boston, we hope you are having a lovely Summer Break, and we can’t wait to see you back this Fall!

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