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Delphi Academy is having a Read-a-Thon!

Here at Delphi Academy one of our goals is to instill a love of learning in all of our students. This includes all subjects, encapsulating literature as well! Our faculty instill this by applying our unique curriculum and helping our students navigate their personal programs with as much fun as possible! 

Read-a-thons get students excited about reading and it gives family and friends the opportunity to encourage your child to read even more!

Our Read-a-thon runs April 12th – May 7th.

About one week before our Read-a-thon starts, we will send instructions on how to activate your child’s personal page. This is where you will be able to record and view their progress.

There are two ways for your child to sign up sponsors. They can do it online by sending the link to family and friends, or you can fill out the sponsor sheets that will be sent home and bring the cash/check donations to reception. We will take care of recording those on your child’s personal page.

Our goal this year is to raise $20,000! 

There will be prizes given out to the students on Fridays for every $30.00 in donations that they receive. If they raise $150 in donations they will earn this year’s brand new Delphi T-shirt.  The teachers have several other incentives in their classroom for all students participating. 

We have chosen a Read-a-thon because it requires minimal time on each family’s part, gives the children an incentive to read more, and helps in the development of stronger reading skills. For our youngest students, read-aloud counts!

We hope EVERYONE participates and we can’t wait to see what you end up reading!

Dawn Chiarenza
Dean of Students

A Delphi Boston Alumni Update!

Delphi Boston students study a wide variety of subjects and are introduced at a young age to the technology of studying. Through our courses they, quite literally, are learning how to learn. This gives them ability to study whatever interests them, while they are at Delphi Boston and once they graduate and move on to Highschool and their Higher Education.

Because of this, it is always fun for our faculty, parents and current students to stay updated on where our alumni are and what they are up to. So as an update to our entire Delphi Boston family, team and supporters, we’d like to showcase a few highlights from this last year on just a few of our incredible alumni.

Seven years ago this amazing young man completed Form 5 (8th grade) and headed off to high school.  This year he is in his junior year at Harvard University.  We forever will be proud of Orvin. 

This alumna is featured for her design work by her alma mater.  We are so happy for Michelle!

So happy this alumna found her path to success. Elena is now a Brooklyn based Architectural Designer with an interest in the social impact that responsible and sustainable architecture can have on local and global communities.

We are on a roll sharing alumni success.  This alumna just graduated with her Masters Degree in Public Health this winter from the University of Massachusetts Medical School at Amherst!  So happy and proud of you Anika.

It is our goal for every child in our care to carve out their own unique path. If you’d like to hear more alumni successes, make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If you have questions about what makes Delphi Boston so unique, do not hesitate to email or call. We look forward to hearing from you! 

How to Make Learning at Home Fun For Your Kids.

As schools start to open across the country and the Boston area, in-person learning becomes an option for parents everywhere. For those families still learning from home, we understand just how important it is to keep your child’s learning environment as fun, educational, and engaging as possible. Whether you are a parent or teacher (or both), this can be easier said than done. The tips we’ve put together will help make it easier to create the kind of environment your kids will thrive in while learning from home. 

  1. Learn visually with demonstrations. Sometimes using unconventional materials can add that bit of fun missing from your at-home classroom. Grab the shaving cream and write out math problems, take random objects around the house and move them around to demonstrate geography or math, grab some toys and have your kids put on a historical play to show the life of a figure they are learning about. Sometimes it is the most fun moments that your kids will remember the most in their education.
  2. If your kids are learning about money, make up a store game with them to demonstrate the way that money works. Get them involved in the process of understanding different coins, their values, and who to properly allocate the money you have.
  3. Host an upside-down art class. Tape up papers on the underside of your dining room table and have your kids get to work on creating whatever scenes lie inside of their imagination! This is just a fun take on your average at-home art class that we couldn’t resist throwing into this blog!
  4. Enjoy music while your kids are learning. Some children are naturally musical. They understand and remember certain data through rhyming and lyrics. Find YouTube videos that teach your children about the subjects they are studying in school through song!
  5. Be artistic with your kids. Create diagrams to explore concepts further and give your kids the opportunity to do the same. For example, if your child is learning about the circulation system, trace their body on a large piece of butcher paper and have them draw it out.
  6. Get your kids up and moving throughout the day. Giving your kids time to play and get active encourages not only blood flow but learning on their feet!
  7. Give them freedom in the classroom. Sometimes kids love to be hands-on and try things out for themselves. Being at home can be the perfect opportunity for them to do just that. Give them room to explore their interests and projects they are excited about. Here at Delphi Boston, we try to do that every day, explore our program more here.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to not take this too seriously and to give your children the space they need to explore the world around them, even if that starts from home. 

5 Benefits of a Private Education.

As we enter 2021, parents throughout the Boston area and beyond have their kids’ education on their minds. Experiencing online school gave us all a peek into what classes are really like for our children. Parents are currently asking if the education their child is receiving is what they truthfully deserve. It might be time to change things up and look towards a Private School education for your child. There are so many benefits of choosing a Private Education, but what are they exactly? 

  1. Choice and Flexibility.
    One of the many benefits of choosing Private Education includes choice and flexibility, especially with regard to the way schools are changing due to the pandemic. Private Schools are generally better-equipped to offer families on-campus learning and/or remote learning experiences as well as the flexibility to transition between the two. Beyond COVID, you have many Private Schools to choose from according to your family’s needs and wants when it comes to education. 
  2. Small Class Sizes.
    Private Schools generally have a low student-to-teacher ratio. This ensures that each student gets the individualized attention that they deserve in the classroom. It allows the teacher room to work one-on-one and gives them a chance to see where the student is exceeding and where they might be having difficulty in their studies. Here at Delphi Boston our small class sizes allows us the opportunity to teach our unique curriculum while maintaining individualized programs.

3. Personal Relationship with Faculty.
Private Schools give both the students and parents the wonderful opportunity to build personal relationships with faculty members. This not only gives you access to communication from teachers, but keeps every parent feeling fully involved in their child’s education.

4. Instills a Love of Learning in your Children.
Everything that produces the fantastic educational environments found in Public Schools amounts to the ultimate goal: instilling a love of learning in your children. Private schools typically have the flexibility to teach how students learn best and deliver challenging academics in innovative ways. This “freedom within a framework” engages students, taps into their natural curiosity, and stokes their desire to learn, creating lifelong learners who thrive in school and beyond.

  1. Prepares Students for their Futures.
    Private schools prepare students for the future with an academically rigorous curriculum that also incorporates tough-to-teach skills like critical thinking, collaboration and understanding how to study. Private schools that combine a challenging curriculum with powerful and innovative experiences graduate students with 21st century skills who are purpose-driven leaders, prepared to shape the world for good.

It might be time for you to start thinking about a Private Education for your children. We are currently admitting students for the Fall of the 2021-2022 school year. If you’d like to continue this conversation with us and learn more about the benefits of a Private School Education, we invite you to get in touch with our Admission Office at 617-333-9610 or trista.marquez@delphiboston.org

Winter Activities for Families in Boston 2021

February is coming to an end, and I think we are all looking forward to Spring and slightly-warmer days in Boston. This may be the case. But we don’t want to miss out on all the good activities that come with the Wintertime in our lovely city! With this in mind, we’ve put together a bucket list of fun for you and your family to complete before the Winter ends:

  1. Check out a couple of outdoor ice skating rinks open in the area, or a free indoor ice skating rinks in Boston.
  2. Go Snow Tubing
  3. As Valentine’s day approaches, show some love with handmade cards and treats.
  4. Hit the slopes and teach your kids to ski or snowboard this year!
  5. Enjoy an explorative walk at The Arnold Arboretum. Grab a warm drink nearby before heading to the park!
  6. Speaking of warm drinks, try some gourmet hot chocolate with the kids!
  7. Pick up ingredients for a one-pot family dinner at Eataly or Boston Public Market!
  8. Check out some of our favorite bakeries around Boston!
  9. Take a walk through Commonwealth Avenue Mall. It’s beautiful year-round but is especially so during the winter months.
  10. Build an epic indoor fort without leaving the house!

From Delphi Academy of Boston, we hope you enjoy the final moments of Winter. If you end up completing all ten or just one of these activities, be sure to snap a photo and tag us on Facebook or Instagram. We look forward to seeing you this Spring!

Hello, 2021 from Delphi Boston! It’s nice to meet you!

Here at Delphi Boston, it’s safe to say that 2020 was one of the most challenging years. Filled with struggle and growth, we’ve all learned a bit more about what it means to be compassionate and share meaningful, safe experiences with our families, friends, and the kids we teach in our classrooms.

Delphi Boston is excited and looking forward to expanding horizons onto new challenges both in and out of the classroom! Stay up to date on everything by following our Facebook and Instagram pages!

As a fond farewell to 2020 and a welcome to 2021, here is a review of the last year:

A Peek at a Week with the Third Grade Class.

Our third-grade class was zooming along with their reading this last week. We are also almost done learning how to write each of the letters in cursive.  We’ll wrap up with ‘z’ next week and then we’ll be writing in all cursive all the time beginning in January! We are all thrilled to see our third-grade classroom totally writing in cursive!

In math this week our third graders began learning about the Metric System of measurement and practiced measuring things in centimeters and meters. This weekend the class will be practicing figuring out how many minutes have passed and how many minutes are left before the new hour.

This week in social studies the class learned about two more colonies, Connecticut and Rhode Island and the Carolinas.  We are beginning to see how some of the early ideas of religious freedom and the separation of church and state begin to shape the country these colonies will become.

This week the class also focused on the holiday of Hanukkah.  We learned the story behind the holiday, made some dreidel mobiles, and tried some delicious latkes.  Next week we will focus on Kwanzaa

We love sharing parts of our week with our community of parents and potential-families! Delphi Boston is still open and offering in-person classes for our students. We are having a blast being able to see our students every day while following safety procedures.

If you have any questions or hold an interest in sending your child to Delphi Boston in January, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Happy Parents Equals a Happy School!

Hello from Delphi Boston! We hope everyone is doing well during this Holiday Season. As joy fills the air, we thought we would share a few joyful emails our Head of Admissions received a week ago from happy parents:

We hope this holiday season is wonderful! Wishing you and your families joy and happiness!


The Delphi Boston Team

Delphi From the Parent’s Perspective

Delphi Boston Update

Happy first day of Autumn!

Delphi Academy of Boston welcomed our students back for in-person classes just a few weeks ago and we’ve been so thankful to have them back. School has resumed and the fun, educational and creative activities that we teach have commenced!

Here is to a continued exciting and safe school year:

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