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Winter Activities for Families in Boston 2021

February is coming to an end, and I think we are all looking forward to Spring and slightly-warmer days in Boston. This may be the case. But we don’t want to miss out on all the good activities that come with the Wintertime in our lovely city! With this in mind, we’ve put together a bucket list of fun for you and your family to complete before the Winter ends:

  1. Check out a couple of outdoor ice skating rinks open in the area, or a free indoor ice skating rinks in Boston.
  2. Go Snow Tubing
  3. As Valentine’s day approaches, show some love with handmade cards and treats.
  4. Hit the slopes and teach your kids to ski or snowboard this year!
  5. Enjoy an explorative walk at The Arnold Arboretum. Grab a warm drink nearby before heading to the park!
  6. Speaking of warm drinks, try some gourmet hot chocolate with the kids!
  7. Pick up ingredients for a one-pot family dinner at Eataly or Boston Public Market!
  8. Check out some of our favorite bakeries around Boston!
  9. Take a walk through Commonwealth Avenue Mall. It’s beautiful year-round but is especially so during the winter months.
  10. Build an epic indoor fort without leaving the house!

From Delphi Academy of Boston, we hope you enjoy the final moments of Winter. If you end up completing all ten or just one of these activities, be sure to snap a photo and tag us on Facebook or Instagram. We look forward to seeing you this Spring!

Hello, 2021 from Delphi Boston! It’s nice to meet you!

Here at Delphi Boston, it’s safe to say that 2020 was one of the most challenging years. Filled with struggle and growth, we’ve all learned a bit more about what it means to be compassionate and share meaningful, safe experiences with our families, friends, and the kids we teach in our classrooms.

Delphi Boston is excited and looking forward to expanding horizons onto new challenges both in and out of the classroom! Stay up to date on everything by following our Facebook and Instagram pages!

As a fond farewell to 2020 and a welcome to 2021, here is a review of the last year:

A Peek at a Week with the Third Grade Class.

Our third-grade class was zooming along with their reading this last week. We are also almost done learning how to write each of the letters in cursive.  We’ll wrap up with ‘z’ next week and then we’ll be writing in all cursive all the time beginning in January! We are all thrilled to see our third-grade classroom totally writing in cursive!

In math this week our third graders began learning about the Metric System of measurement and practiced measuring things in centimeters and meters. This weekend the class will be practicing figuring out how many minutes have passed and how many minutes are left before the new hour.

This week in social studies the class learned about two more colonies, Connecticut and Rhode Island and the Carolinas.  We are beginning to see how some of the early ideas of religious freedom and the separation of church and state begin to shape the country these colonies will become.

This week the class also focused on the holiday of Hanukkah.  We learned the story behind the holiday, made some dreidel mobiles, and tried some delicious latkes.  Next week we will focus on Kwanzaa

We love sharing parts of our week with our community of parents and potential-families! Delphi Boston is still open and offering in-person classes for our students. We are having a blast being able to see our students every day while following safety procedures.

If you have any questions or hold an interest in sending your child to Delphi Boston in January, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Happy Parents Equals a Happy School!

Hello from Delphi Boston! We hope everyone is doing well during this Holiday Season. As joy fills the air, we thought we would share a few joyful emails our Head of Admissions received a week ago from happy parents:

We hope this holiday season is wonderful! Wishing you and your families joy and happiness!


The Delphi Boston Team

Delphi From the Parent’s Perspective

Delphi Boston Update

Happy first day of Autumn!

Delphi Academy of Boston welcomed our students back for in-person classes just a few weeks ago and we’ve been so thankful to have them back. School has resumed and the fun, educational and creative activities that we teach have commenced!

Here is to a continued exciting and safe school year:

Back To School Fun

We are so happy to see our students back in class as we follow safety precations for Covid-19. There are just so many reasons why in-person learning works. Let’s all do our part to make sure we can continue to operate safely.


Wrapping up Summer and Getting Prepared For the 2020-2021 School Year

Summer is coming to an end and navigating the process of returning to school this year will be more different than any other for parents and educators alike. Learning was slightly halted during the 2019-2020 school year after in-person classes were no longer a possibility. Because of this many parents worry about their kids having fallen behind too much to catch up this Fall. With this in mind, we’ve come up with tips for wrapping up the Summer and transitioning into the 2020-2021 school year as smoothly as possible:


  • Ask your child about their feelings (both excitement and concerns) regarding going back to school. Regardless of your child’s age this is an important and helpful conversation to have. Ask them about the coming school year, what they are expecting, what they might be fearful of, what they are excited about, and what goals they have for the Fall. 
  • FInd out and let your child know what his schedule will be like this school year. Visit your school’s website and find out what the schedule will look like this coming year. What is different about this year than other years? Is there anything specific you and your family should prepare for regarding the schedule? 
  • Go back-to-school shopping. This is a great way to boost excitement about the school year and help your child feel like they are more in control over the coming year and how it will turn out. Control, especially during this time, over education can help make you and your child’s lives easier this coming year.
    Have a virtual or socially distanced back to school party! Get your kids’ closest friends together for a virtual or socially distanced back to school party. This will help amp up the excitement and get everyone ready and thrilled for school!
  • Get a personally refillable water bottle. Not only is this a sanitary measure, but it’s great for the environment and your child’s health. Find a bottle your child loves and wants to carry around and drink from. 
  • Purchase a mask your child loves. Masks in school are new for all of us, but we know it’s important to help your kids become as comfortable with it as possible. Find a reusable mask that your child likes wearing. You might consider purchasing a neck gaiter or clear face shield so their friends and teachers can see their smiles!

This school year will be more different than any other, but we are going about it like any new adventure we might experience. At Delphi Boston, we are applying all safety precautions to ensure in-person classes are possible, safe and fun. Our staff are excited to see new and old faces this Fall and to help our students adjust back into life at Delphi Academy of Boston. Here’s to new experiences and adventures, and we look forward to seeing you soon! 

Delphi Boston’s Fall Program

Here at Delphi Academy of Boston we are so excited to walk back into the classrooms this Fall to find that they have become a whir of creative and educational activities: Each student busily working, individually or as a team, taking charge of their education at the most basic levels. 

The way students are taught at Delphi Academy of Boston is what makes our school truly unique. Our strong focus on reading, writing and mathematics gets children off to a great start. It is obvious to see in each classroom the fostering of self-confidence and independence.  We strive to ensure each child reaches their full potential by taking charge of their education and making it their own. 

There is something truly magical about seeing a child excited about going to school and learning. With Delphi Academy of Boston, your kids loving school is no longer just a hope for the future, but a sure reality for the present. 

There is still space available for your child this Fall. Daily tours are available by appointment. Call into our admissions office to secure a tour and a spot for your child in our program today! We look forward to hearing from you and having you in our program this Fall!

Outdoor Restaurants That Are Great For Families In Boston!

Summer is not only a great time to start teaching your kids how to cook with new and exciting recipes, but it’s the perfect opportunity to try new foods and teach proper manners while enjoying Boston’s fantastic selection of outdoor restaurants.

  1. Alcove. Available for both take-out and outdoor eating, this lovely setting is just off of Causeway Street with stellar views of the Zakim Bridge and Boston Harbor.

  2. Ashmont Grill. This restaurant is not only the perfect setting for summer dinners, but they have incredible food that the whole family will enjoy.

  3. Legal Seafood Harborside. If you happen to be out on the harbor or are craving a meal by the sea/of the sea, this is the perfect place to go with the kids!

  4. Picco. If you and the kids are craving a classic pizza and ice cream kind of Summer meal, this would be the best location to go. Not only will the kids love it, but the adults will too!

  5. Warehouse Bar and Grill. Looking for another waterfront meal? Check out this family-friendly restaurant one day this Summer!

  6. Naco Tacos. If you are in the mood for hispanic food, we would definitely recommend checking out this hip location. Enjoy their tasty selection of foods on their spacious patio!

Here at Delphi Boston, we love the idea of making each day an educational experience. We hope you take the opportunity to teach new and exciting things to your kids while out and about at these restaurants this Summer! As a friendly reminder, we have space available in our Fall Program at Delphi Boston and are currently enrolling new students for next September. Call into our Admissions office today before all of our spots fill up! 

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