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Outdoor Restaurants That Are Great For Families In Boston!

Summer is not only a great time to start teaching your kids how to cook with new and exciting recipes, but it’s the perfect opportunity to try new foods and teach proper manners while enjoying Boston’s fantastic selection of outdoor restaurants.

  1. Alcove. Available for both take-out and outdoor eating, this lovely setting is just off of Causeway Street with stellar views of the Zakim Bridge and Boston Harbor.

  2. Ashmont Grill. This restaurant is not only the perfect setting for summer dinners, but they have incredible food that the whole family will enjoy.

  3. Legal Seafood Harborside. If you happen to be out on the harbor or are craving a meal by the sea/of the sea, this is the perfect place to go with the kids!

  4. Picco. If you and the kids are craving a classic pizza and ice cream kind of Summer meal, this would be the best location to go. Not only will the kids love it, but the adults will too!

  5. Warehouse Bar and Grill. Looking for another waterfront meal? Check out this family-friendly restaurant one day this Summer!

  6. Naco Tacos. If you are in the mood for hispanic food, we would definitely recommend checking out this hip location. Enjoy their tasty selection of foods on their spacious patio!

Here at Delphi Boston, we love the idea of making each day an educational experience. We hope you take the opportunity to teach new and exciting things to your kids while out and about at these restaurants this Summer! As a friendly reminder, we have space available in our Fall Program at Delphi Boston and are currently enrolling new students for next September. Call into our Admissions office today before all of our spots fill up! 

Summer Fun In Boston For Families!

Here at Delphi Boston we are dearly missing our students, but realize that the show must go on! Although we aren’t running our summer camp this year, it doesn’t mean that summer will be lacking those fun and productive days we all love. With this in mind, we have done some research and come up with a few activities that you can fill your days with this summer if you live in the Boston area! 


    1. Strawberry picking: Boston is brimming with countless great places to take the kids for a fun strawberry picking afternoon. Some of our personal favorite places include: Smolak Farms, Parlee Farms, Cider Hill Farm, Marini Farm, and Sunshine Farm.

    2. Head to the Drive-In Theater: Some locations around Boston are beginning to open up while following safety guidelines. We’ve collected a few of our top choices for all of you! Make sure to check out their websites to find out what movies are playing and when: Wellfleet Drive-In Theater, Milford Drive-In, Mendon Twin Drive-In and Mansfield Drive-In. 

    3. Play with Legos: If you already have Legos, get them out for your kids to use. If not, don’t stress it! Head to your local Walmart or toy store and find a few sets your kids are excited to build. Lego building is both fun and creative!

    4. Walk to a local park/playground: Pack up some snacks, sunscreen and water and head out with the kids for a fun day in the sun at the park!

    5. Start a garden: Speaking of playing outside… This is one of our favorite activities for having fun and learning at the same time!  You can do this simply by choosing a location and building a garden box or by digging out a space to plant.

Here at Delphi Boston, we hope your Summer is filled with fun and growth as a family! We can’t wait to see all of you here next Fall. As a friendly reminder, we have space available in our Fall Program at Delphi Boston and are currently enrolling new students for next September. Call into our Admissions office today before all of our spots fill up! 

Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Learning This Summer!

Summer break is here which means beautiful weather, family trips and this familiar question from your kids: “I’m bored, what should I do?” Delphi Boston is here to help you out with a few tips on keeping your kids on task and productive this summer. Not only will your kids get to enjoy the weather and fun activities, but they’ll learn more and get caught up on basic school work. When it comes to time to roll into the school year in September it will be a total breeze for the whole family! 

  1. Improving their reading skills is a must this Summer! Put aside 20-30 minutes a day to read aloud with your younger kids and get your older kids to read pleasure books. Go on weekly trips to the local library/browse the vast collection of books on Amazon/Audible. Research a bit online about local reading challenges for the summer to get your kids excited about reading! 
  2. Teach your kids about saving and making money. You can get quite creative with this one and involve many different subjects at a time in order to teach about basic saving habits, work ethic and math. You can either create a paid chore list or help them come up with a simple business plan of creating and selling something online/to your neighbors. The sky’s the limit! 
  3. Build a garden, grow some edible crops and teach your kids how to cook. This is a super fun and involved activity for the whole family. Teach your kids a bit about construction and DIY activities, growing and maintaining plants through basic science and then show them how to cook different recipes! We guarantee your kids will love the time spent outside learning with you! 
  4. Put on plays. This is an activity we love and it’s a creative way to teach your kids about creative writing, grammar and public speaking. Go crazy on this one through story ideas, costume design and fun sets created through recycling! 
  5. Teach your kids about basic planning and research by giving them the assignment of planning and organizing a future family trip. This is not only a great way to teach them organizational skills, but it’ll be a way for them to become more involved in your group as a family. 

Here at Delphi Boston we hope your Summer is filled with learning and fun. We will miss you dearly without our annual Summer Camp, but can’t wait to see you again this Fall! Good luck on your endeavors in teaching your kids something new this Summer break.

All About Summer 2020:

Summer 2020 is approaching and with it comes the beautiful weather we dream about all year! It’s been a difficult and strange past few months and it feels good to look forward to brighter days. 

With this in mind, we wanted to reach out to our Delphi Boston community with an update on this Summer and thank you for all of your support throughout these unsure months. 

This was a tough decision, but we have decided not to hold our annual summer camp this year. We will miss all of you dearly through these next few months but look forward to having you back next Fall. We hope to see updates on how you and your families are doing through the Summer months and what activities are keeping you busy and productive!

There are still spots open for our Fall program filled with exciting educational opportunities for your child where they will not only learn more, but find a new love for learning itself. 

Enjoy the Summer! We will see you soon.

Indoor Activities For Any Day:

While maintaining a proper school schedule is important while we are all at home, scheduling crafts and family activities is just as essential. We have come up with a few fun and unique activities to keep your whole family engaged, through rain or shine: 

  1. Zoom around in cardboard race cars. This is both a craft and a fun activity. You can find the instructions here
  2. Do an air dry clay craft. Make tea light holders, bowls for the cereal or soup you’ll have for dinner, earrings and more. 
  3. Print out some family photos, hand make and decorate some frames and hang them up around the house.
  4. Build a crazy fort for movie night!
  5. Rearrange your furniture with the kids.
  6. Have a car-wash if it’s sunny out. 
  7. Build a LEGO city. 
  8. Make dinner with a creative recipe you’ve never tried out before. 
  9. Make a list of goals for before and after quarantine with the kids.
  10. Get gardening with the family.

Here at Delphi Boston we would love to know what kinds of activities you and your family are filling your days with. Share the fun memories you are making with us on our Facebook Page. 

At-Home Learning Tips!

Recently, our lives have become still and hectic at the same time. It’s a contradiction that we are all experiencing. Because of this, maintaining a solid schedule with your kids when it comes to their school work can be more difficult than you may have anticipated. It’s a new experience for all of us, and here at Delphi Boston we want to make sure that you and your family are making the best out of this confusing time as possible. Our team has come up with a few tips on managing your kids at home:


  1. Make a Schedule.
    This may be a simple tip, but it can completely change the way you are managing days at home. Come up with a schedule which you and your family are excited about. Get creative with it and make each day new and different, filled with exciting possibilities. It’s important that your kids know what to expect through the day and the week so that they have things to look forward to and to work hard towards.

  2. Have Morning Meetings.
    This is a great point in the day to go over the schedule, discuss how yesterday went and do some morning warm ups/stretches. This will get your kids ready to get started on what lies ahead.

  3. Schedule Zoom Calls.
    Schedule times for your kids to get on zoom calls with their favorite teachers at school. This is a great opportunity for the teachers to get an update on how your kids are doing and what they are learning. It will also offer up a bit more motivation for your kids to get things done before the zoom call.

  4. Use the Internet/School Resources.
    Find out if your school is producing any online classes or zoom lessons so that your kids can join in on an activity with a group. If this is unavailable, there are plenty of online resources available with free classes that your kids can attend. You might even schedule your very own zoom call with other parents so that their kids can join in on the class with your family.

  5. Feed and Water your Kids Often.
    Snack time is a must when it comes to working with kids. Put break times through your daily schedule for breaks so that your kids can get a healthy snack before getting back to work. This will not only keep them productive, but in a good mood!

We hope that some of these tips are helpful on your journey. If you have any questions about how Delphi Boston is handling distance learning, don’t hesitate to contact us directly through our website! Happy learning! 

New Activities to Explore While Social-Distancing:

Staying productive is a key way to stay happy in any situation throughout life. With lots of time on our hands it’s even more important that we stay productive, especially with your kiddos. Here are a few activities we felt might be a fun way to stay productive while social-distancing: 


  1. Take a walk and explore your neighborhood. This is a great way to get outside, see the sun and experience something new. Head out with your family and try and play a game of spotting things you hadn’t noticed before inside your neighborhood. If you are close to a local grocery store, walk over with your family to pick up supplies for dinner.

  2. This leads us to our next activity: trying out a new recipe. After you’ve gone to a local grocery store with the family and picked up supplies for dinner, try out a recipe you haven’t been able to make before, and get the whole family involved!

  3. Build a fort and have a movie marathon. This is the perfect time to build forts with the kiddos. Turn your whole living room into the perfect hideout and hunker down to watch some of your favorite classics which the kids have never seen.

  4. Clean out closets and get items ready to give to charity. Spring is here, and we don’t want to miss out on the perfect opportunity to spring clean our homes. Start with the closets. Find clothing/toys you and your family don’t need or want anymore and get things ready to donate to charity.

  5. Garden outside. This is another great way to ensure that you and your family are getting outside as much as possible. Clean up the yard with kids while playing music. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore a new skill while being outdoors.

Try out these activities and more; the possibilities are endless. We would love to hear about how you and your family are staying productive during this time! Share your activities with us on the Delphi Boston Facebook page. We look forward to hearing about all the fun activities you are exploring!

Spreading Happiness:

April was a tough month for many people across the globe. We are all feeling the negative effects of the Coronavirus in many different ways. While good health comes first, we felt that spreading a bit of happiness and positive thoughts through our community would do good as well. How can one spread happiness during this dark time? It can start with the simplest of actions:


  1. Send a virtual hug to family and friends. You can do this through sending a text, an Instagram video or by FaceTiming. It’ll bring some light into yours and another’s life! 
  2. If you are able, go grocery shopping for an elderly or disabled person/family in your neighborhood. Not only is this helping to save trips to the grocery store, but making life easier for your neighbors. Leave a personal message in the groceries when you deliver them to the family to brighten their day even more! 
  3. Send a ‘thinking of you’ message to family and friends. This is a great way to keep those around you sane and happy during these times. It always feels good to know that someone is thinking of you! 
  4. Create art pieces with your kiddos and send them to friends and family along with a personalized message to make their days!  

We know times are tough, but adding actions into your day that spread joy and positivity to your family and friends’ life can do more good than you may realize. 


Stay healthy and stay happy! We will get through this together! 

Black History Month at Delphi Boston

March is just beginning, making us think back to all of the wonderful educational experiences that went on here at Delphi Boston during the course of February. 

One highlight we wanted to share was our celebration of Black History Month. We spent the month diving into and learning about the people that have been an important part of the stories which make up black history. 

We ended the month with some wonderful student presentations as well as a few visits from some very impressive heroes, forever reminded to, “Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.” —Dr. Mae Jemison, first African-American female astronaut. 

It was certainly an exciting month that our students loved taking part in. We are looking forward to what new experiences March holds.

Be sure to stay updated on our exciting adventures by checking in on our monthly blog posts as well as our daily Twitter, Instagram and Facebook posts! Here’s to another wonderful month. 

What Makes Delphi Boston Different?

Delphi Academy of Boston has a different method of teaching and studying than any other school. But what is it exactly that makes our school so different?


Starting in the Lower School, students are doing independent study guides (checksheets) such as; Measure a Foot, Globes, Clay Person, Continents, Grow a Plant, Address an Envelope, Making Invitations and Thank You Notes, Flat Shapes, and more. There are sixteen of these guides. These study guides are for 5, 6 and 7-year-old students. 


Throughout the Lower, Elementary and Middle School programs, students continue studying independently with an increasing gradient of subjects and their difficulty levels. They learn at their own pace which allows them to take the time they need to totally comprehend subjects. 


Not only are students studying at their own pace through an independent program, but we see everyday that they are truly excited to be learning while getting validated for knowing the information upon examination in Standards. They have a chance to see just how fun studying can be through practically applying data they learn in order to showcase to others and themselves that they can understand any subject they have the desire to explore. 


This is just a brief highlight of how different and incredible our school is. Schedule a tour today to see if our unique program is right for your child! We are excited to hear from you. 

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