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Why a Bedtime Ritual is an Important Piece of the School Year

Four Fun Activities for You and Your Child to Do At Home

With the school year in full swing, our hectic lives are reaching a new level of craziness. From soccer games and homework to figuring out what to make for lunch/dinner, it’s important that we keep a few routines in.

A bedtime routine is an essential part of your life. Not only will it ensure that the family is getting enough sleep to fuel your crazy days, but it can also be a great chance to connect with your kids. Here are a few steps to a positive bedtime routine:

  1. Start off the bedtime routine with a read-aloud session. Not only is this a calming activity but it is also an educational one. It gives you the opportunity to teach your kids new ideas and language skills. It’s also a great chance to peek into the imagination of your children.
  2. Get them in the bathroom to brush their teeth. This step is a must-have in any bedtime routine; we just had to throw it in. It’s essential for their health and can also be the perfect opportunity to teach your kids about self-care.
  3. Have some one-on-one time with the kids before putting them to bed. This step is a great way to talk to your kids and give them the attention they deserve. Find out what happened during the day and how they can make tomorrow. Discover what your kids are thinking and establish a trusting communication system with them.
  4. Let them own the routine. It’s important that your kids feel like they have some control and ownership over their bedtime. You can do this by giving them choices such as what PJs they want to wear, what bedtime music they want to listen to, who will bathe first, etc. Knowing it is their routine will increase their willingness to get in bed at the proper time.
  5. Finally, don’t forget to tell your kids how much you love them!

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