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Delphi Boston Alumna, Courtney (Perkins) Ryan

We caught up with Courtney right after her trip to the Philippines.  She volunteered her time and talent to Outreach International.  Since 1979, Outreach International has been working with the world’s most marginalized people to create solutions to help end world poverty. Courtney received her degree in Film Production from Emerson College and began working for Local 600 – Cinematographer’s Guild in 2009.  Some of her projects include several feature films such as Moonrise Kingdom, Zookeeper, The Company Men and The Town.  Recently Courtney has been directing a lot of commercial work around the country for ad agencies, overseeing filming and photography.

Delphi Boston Alumna, Denise Magny

“I am currently a sophomore at Syracuse University who is majoring in biology with a minor in religion and public health. I have recently become the Vice-President of the Haitian-American Student Association and been admitted to the Renee Crown University Honors Program at Syracuse University. I also am a peer mentor for freshmen of color through the Wellslink Peer Mentoring Program. My goals for the semester are to begin biological research with professors in the biology department at school and give back to local refugees in the Syracuse community. Hopefully, one day I can initiate my own research that will improve the lives of many!

“So far, I am growing to enjoy Syracuse and all that it has to offer. My favorite class this past semester was Organic Chemistry I. Although this class was the most challenging course I have ever taken, I learned immensely about myself and what it truly meant to be a dedicated student. Through the challenges of organic chemistry, my problem-solving skills have sharpened and I have grown to believe in myself when met with obstacles. It is truly fascinating learning about the complexities of carbon!

“Of course, none of this could have been possible without the great foundation that I began at Delphi. At Delphi, I learned how to study effectively all while being an independent and strong student. I continue to keep many of those skills today! I will forever be grateful for my Delphi experience.”

-Denise Magny

Delphi Boston Alumna, Samantha Pierre

“I am a Junior at Syracuse University in New York. I am double-majoring in Sociology and Political Science. I have several classes that I have taken over these past couple of years that I have really liked and are my favorites. These classes are: Ethnic Inequalities and Intergroup Relations, Race, Gender & Sexuality in the African Diaspora, Political Sociology, American National Government and Politics, Social Policy and Citizenship, Elements of Law, Comparative Law and Courts, and Logic. I know the list is quite a lot but all of these classes I have thoroughly enjoyed. Some of them made an impact on me and changed my perspective, while others were truly interesting subjects.

“I am involved in a few clubs named the Haitian American Student Association (HASA), National Black Law Student Association (NBLSA) and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). NBLSA and NAACP, I am a member and participate in their events. NBLSA is about getting connections and helping black undergraduate students that are interested in a field of law as a career. NAACP creates events towards the goal of educating the campus about issues concerning the black race and how we can move forward. As for HASA, I am the President! My Executive-Board and I work to broaden the awareness of the Haitian culture and promote unity and self-awareness among students of Haitian descendants at Syracuse University. We inform the campus and the surrounding community on the social, economic, and political issues affecting Haiti in the past and currently. We do this through seminars, lectures with guest speakers, social events and monthly general body meetings. I also recently joined the Syracuse University Pre-Law Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity in November!! This organization, also known as PAD, prides itself on their core values of integrity, courage, service, compassion, innovation, diversity, and professionalism. Similar to the NBLSA, PAD aids its brothers in connecting to many lawyers, politicians and other professionals in the law career. I am very excited to now be a part of the brotherhood and see what opportunities it can open for me!

“I have taken an interest in law and thinking of possibly attending law school in the future to become a lawyer. I am very passionate about cases and issues regarding civil rights and discrimination in any way. This interest shows through my majors and classes I have taken and clubs I am a part of. That being said I have been looking into internships in that field or similar. Last semester I worked as an intern at the office of New York State Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. In the internship, I worked and interacted with constituents. I also helped draft letters and other forms of correspondence for the Senator, completed regional issue research, press research and analysis along with other administrative tasks.”

-Samantha Pierre

Delphi Boston Alumnus, Orvin Pierre

“Currently, I’m majoring in Chemistry at Harvard (planning to graduate w/ Honors) with a secondary in Classics. I’d say my favorite class at Harvard was either my general Chemistry class last spring called Physical Sciences 11, (which taught us the foundations of Modern Chemistry, but also tied in how Chemistry affects the world and environment around us — climate change, vehicular carbon emissions, etc) or my Neuroscience class called Neurobiology of Behavior (which I took this past semester and was an introduction to Neurobiology/Neuroscience).

“I’m currently doing a lot of clubs but a few are the following, along with my board position if I am on the executive board of the club: Harvard Black Men’s Forum (Alumni Chair), Harvard Caribbean Club (Community Service Chair), Harvard Black Premedical Society (Former Freshman Representative), Harvard Premedical Society (Former Freshman Representative), Harvard WHRB 95.3 FM (Radio Station — Sports Commentator), Peer Advising Fellow (Mentors to designated dorm of Freshman), Harvard Sports Analysis Collective (did sports consulting for the Philadelphia Eagles and San Diego Padres), and a few more which I am not as actively involved in.

“Over the summer, I worked in the Choudhary Lab at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, working on Diabetes research and trying to develop molecules which would activate the insulin receptors in the body (in order to regulate blood sugar and hormones with a pill instead of having to pump insulin into your body and constantly check your levels). I really enjoyed my time at this lab.  I plan to do research this spring semester and hopefully build more connections with scientists and hospitals, while also just learning more about various diseases that affect the world.

“I’m still planning on going to medical school and hope to become either a Neurosurgeon (hence the Neuro class I took, even though I am a Chemistry major ) or an Orthopedic surgeon, mainly in Sports medicine. In all, I’m absolutely loving my time at Harvard right now and couldn’t have asked to attend a better school.

“I’m forever grateful for all that Delphi did during the early years of my education to instill in me the work ethic, skills and techniques that were very valuable in getting me to where I am now, and which I still use today.”

-Orvin Pierre

Delphi Boston Alumnus, Korey Sam

“Korey is attending BC High and has consistently achieved High Honors in their rigorous Academic Program.  Because of his success, he was advised to apply for the School of Ethics and Global Leadership. The School of Ethics and Global Leadership is a School in Washington DC that exposes students to Government and Global initiatives.  Out of  1500 applicants (including 10 from BC High), only 2 including Korey were accepted into this prestigious school .  He spent his Fall Semester boarding with 23 other students from high ranking  high schools across the country.  His dormitory was directly across from the Supreme Court and Capitol Building.  He was able to witness Congressional Hearings and even found himself on the news. Korey finished his semester at SEGL with High Honors in 5 of 6 of his AP courses and honors in the other.  He recently returned to BC High for the Spring semester, which includes AP exam prep and college touring.

“Delphi Academy provided Korey with a learning environment where he was able to build his academic foundation that has prepared him for BC High and then some.”

-Leslie Libby-Sam (Korey’s mother)

Delphi Boston Alumna, Jessika (Williams) McKanders

Delphi Academy alum, Jesskia Williams

After Delphi, I was accepted into Boston Latin School. I graduated in 2008 from Boston Latin. I am now attending Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. It is an all-female historically black college in close proximity to Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University. I am majoring in Biochemistry, while pursuing certification with the American Chemical Society. I intend to pursue a career in Forensic Toxicology after Spelman. I am currently a recipient of the Dean Scholarship (Spelman), the SMART Scholarship (Federal), and the Edwards Scholarship (Boston-based).

Delphi prepared me for Spanish and Math in both college and high school. When I continued on to Boston Latin, I had already learned some Algebra (even though they put me in Pre-Algebra), and I had most of my Spanish terms and my pronunciation down pat.

At Delphi I was taught to use gradients in my studies. I learned basic datums like, starting with the lowest level and working your way up, always finishing one level before moving on to the next. I applied these datums to my college education where I had passed Calculus in high school, but I knew I did not know enough to move on to Calculus 2. With that, I took Calculus in a summer program before freshman year and retook it my first semester at Spelman. At that point, I knew I could continue on to Calculous 2; I was still ahead of most students.

-Jessica McKanders

Delphi Boston Alumna, Elena Whittle


2010 graduate, Elena Whittle attended Thayer Academy and then graduated from NYU. During high school, she entered a photograph into the Drexel’s Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design art contest. With 1600 entries, Elena’s was among the top 140 that were chosen for the exhibition being held in Philadelphia. Elena is now a Brooklyn based Architectural Designer with an interest in the social impact that responsible and sustainable architecture can have on local and global communities.

Delphi Boston Alumnus, Cory Desjardin

“After graduating Delphi in the class of 2000, I felt utterly prepared to take on any challenge which came my way. Over the last two decades, I have had tremendous success in this jungle we call life. As a student at Delphi for nearly 10 years, I received a foundation for success which makes other schools pale in comparison. The exceptionally well-rounded curriculum taught me not only academics, but also taught me leadership, communication, interpersonal relations and the importance of teamwork.

“For several years, I held the position of President for an architectural design and construction management firm located in Boston. We designed and constructed high-end remodels in the Greater Boston area. As president, I helped create a 40% growth. This had been through a market where 25% of the industry had gone out of business. The basic skills I gained at Delphi gave me the perfect foundation to make this possible.

“In recognition of this and other factors, I was inducted into the National Association for the Remodeling Industry (NARI) Board of Directors. At 25, I sat as the youngest member on the board. One duty I had was to help propose and lobby legislation written to enhance our industry’s ethical code. Another was to coordinate and execute community service activities in the area. As a member of the board, my primary goal was to raise the bar on our industry by setting a superlative example as architects and general contractors.

“I believe our own success is directly proportional to the amount we give back to our community. One way we did that was by sending our project manager to Haiti for two weeks. While this put a lot of stress on our organization, we felt the endeavor was more than justified. While in Haiti, our project manager helped hundreds if not thousands acquire vital medical assistance. His story is truly heart-wrenching and inspiring.

“In summary, Delphi promised me knowledge, ethics, leadership and integrity. It has made good on that promise in more ways than I could describe in this article. Without the rock solid foundation of my Delphi education, I would not have had the success I have already experienced. I am excited to slay whatever dragon I may encounter, to solve any problem, climb any mountain and overcome any obstacle. I cannot thank the executives and staff of Delphi Academy Boston enough. They are the heroes creating tomorrow. I owe them all the gratitude in the world.”
-Cory Desjardin

Delphi Boston Alumna, Tonja (Strickland) Mettlach

Delphi Boston alum, Tonja Strickland, passed the North Carolina state bar first time around!
Tonja completed Form 5 at Delphi in 1995, finishing High School at Stoughton High.
Tonja went on to Clark University on a full tuition merit scholarship for her Undergraduate Degree, where she graduated magna cum laude. She then continued to Graduate School at Hofstra University School of Law in New York on a merit scholarship to receive her Juris Doctor.

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