From the Head of School

If one were to describe a school that could provide an excellent education, it would include an academic program that established a rock-solid, basic foundation in reading, writing, and arithmetic; one that would make it possible to tackle, with understanding, higher mathematics, the sciences, classical literature, history, logic, and more.

It would have a personalized approach to students and a low student-teacher ratio. The faculty would be composed of caring, competent, and dedicated individuals who approached their work with enthusiasm. It would also include a good physical education program, art, afternoon activities, clubs of various types, and community service. There would be a sense of shared values and a known standard that all students could strive toward. There would be a curriculum that provided the means to attain those standards and a method of teaching and learning that could guarantee every child would understand and be able to put to use the knowledge he or she is gaining. It would give the students confidence in their ability to tackle anything they desire and the tools they need to succeed.

I believe this is what a parent seeks from their investment in their child’s education. These attributes are what Delphi Academy strives to achieve.

I am frequently found in any given classroom on any given day, looking for moments that would make a parent proud, and I frequently find these happening on a daily basis.

I encourage you to view the information on our website. We would be pleased to arrange a personal tour of our beautiful facility and give you firsthand knowledge of our comprehensive program.

Corrine Perkins, Headmistress

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