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Forms Vs. Grade Levels

Learning is the constant, time is the variable.

Rather than place or advance a child based on age or number of months spent in one grade level, Delphi takes the approach that each level of a student’s education involves the acquisition and demonstration of particular abilities and knowledge. Spending exactly a year at one level may be fine for some children but not for others. Some students thrive at a faster pace, and some need more time. In fact, most students experience a little bit of both from month to month, depending on the subject matter, their age, or any number of variables.

Delphi Academy utilizes the concept of Forms as a way of getting excellent learning results without forcing all students to move at exactly the same pace through the material. We realize each student is an individual and needs to be addressed as such in his or her education.

Delphi Academy has a defined set of rigorous standards which must be met for a student to complete a Form. These standards are called the Delphi Program Graduation Requirements.  Though Forms can be roughly equivalent to grade levels and ages, it is possible for a younger student to move on to a higher Form once all the requirements for the current Form have been met. In this way, each student can get the full benefits from the curriculum and keep advancing as rapidly as he or she is maturing. This type of educational format is sometimes called competency-based or proficiency-based education.

How Grades Translate to Forms

The below guide gives the approximate student ages and grade equivalents for each Form in the Delphi Program.

Middle & Elementary School

 Form 3:         Age 8-10     4th Grade + Half of 5th Grade
 Form 4:   Age 10-12     Half of 5th Grade + 6th Grade
 Form 5:   Age 11-13     7th Grade + 8th Grade

Lower School

 Preschool   Age 2.9-3     Preschool
 Beginner 1     Age 4-5     Two-Thirds of Kindergarten
 Beginner 2   Age 5-6     End of Kindergarten + Most of 1st Grade
 Form 1:   Age 6-7     End of 1st Grade + 2nd Grade
 Form 2:   Age 7-9     3rd Grade

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